About Guild Master

Who are you?
My name is Ahmed Anis. I am 29 years old from Egypt, I was born in Abu-Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, lived there for 20 years, went for 3 years study in Canada and returned to the United Arab Emirates living there for another 3 years. I then move to Egypt, this is where I currently live and seeking a Bachelor degree in computer science, upon graduation I plan to immigrate to the United States where my father lives, once established I intend to settle there, in Canada or Europe depending on job opportunities and the available facilities for my goal career. I am an intermediate level programmer. Game development along with being a professional artist are my goal careers. I have several hobbies including drawing, anime, music, games and programming. I have been playing WoW since its classic period, unfortunately towards the launch of The Burning Crusade I went out of the game for 2 years owing to various circumstances (mostly due to the move to Egypt) returning a while after the release of Icecrown Citadel, so indeed I missed quite lot of contents during my absence

About guild

Does the guild name Heliopolis carry a particular meaning?

Heliopolis is greek word which means Sun-City. It also happens to be the name of the city where I used to reside

Is Heliopolis the guild for me?
This is not a simple question. The answer is that it is up to you to take the time explore the website and read the guild rules, requirements,the rest of this FAQ to determine if Heliopolis is the right choice for you

What are the guild rules, requirements, and goals?
See guild rules, requirements, goals for explanation in details

Heliopolis does not exist nor I see any members in it yet!!!
As I mentioned in the recruitment advertisement the guild is currently in its creation stage and will grow into a full-fledged guild once enough members have joined. I ask prospective members to be patient during this stage as its unlikely that there will be any much activities until we have enough. If that is something you can't cope with and want to be in a guild where you can raid immediately please join elsewhere, after all patience is a crucial requirement we want our members to have

What kind of activities does the guild do?
PVE will be the primary aim. Most of our activity will involve doing dungeons, heroics and raiding.

What about PVP?
We will be engaging in PVP activities as well, Keep in mind that PVP is a secondary goal meaning that PVE activities will take priority. Still we try to do as many PVP activities as possible

I am a PVP oriented player, reckon that Heliopolis is for me?
Probably not, since most of the time our activities will be PVE based while PVP will be carried out in the remaining time. This shouldn't be a concern if you are from casual to intermediate PVP player, so chances you will be satisfied there. However dedicated PVP guilds are recommended to people for whom PvP is the main allure of the game.

What about achievements?
Generally we are not into achievement hunting activities since they don't yield any tangible rewards and we believe at best they exist for bragging rights, so our time is better invested in more practical activities. We might do them if there is some time to spare.

What about old game content?
We don't have plans to revisit the old contents at this time

What is the level of the guild activity (hardcore, intermediate, casual...etc)?

Neither hardcore or casual, we are somewhere in the middle, in other words intermediate. Basically we are a guild that are made of members that have the ambitions of tackling and defeating the high end contents while they don't have the time to be online all the week/day owing to real life commitment and obligation such as university, school, work, military service, looking after a family or having other things to do...etc.

For example I am myself a university student, have classes to attend and studies to be busy with, so definitely I don't have the time to be online all the time, not to mention WoW is not the only activities I do in leisure time, I have hobbies/activities such as drawing, anime, programming, hanging out with friends/family...etc, so WoW is not my life. However I can afford to be online about 3-4 days a week from the afternoon or so, which is enough for taking part in high end raids, while the progress rate won't be the fastest compared to more hardcore guilds, completion of goals will always come about eventually, I believe there are players who are in the same boat as me but having hard time finding a guild that offer balanced game play as most guilds are either too hardcore or too casual, this one of main reasons why I am creating Heliopolis who's main aim is to provide me and its member an environment that would enable us to enjoy and defeat all the high end contents (be it from the first raiding instances to the final boss Deathwing) at a relaxed pace while in the same time can attend real life needs.

The bottom line is that this guild is an ideal choice for those players that are neither too casual or hardcore and have the ambition of beating the high end game.

So while Heliopolis is not a hardcore guild, can I still expect to be able to defeat high end bosses such as Deathwing?

Certainly. Clearing Cataclysm and defeating Deathwing is our ultimate goal, the only catch to our relaxed pace approach to the high end content is that we won't be able to do it as fast as other hardcore guilds, so don't expect us for example to be the first guild in the server to kill Deathwing, competing with guilds and being the top is not our goal, our aim is to finish all of the contents of Cataclysm at our own pace. Rest assured that we will complete it eventually as long as you are patient.

I don't have the best skill, can I still apply to Heliopolis.
That is ok, we are not a hardcore guild so you don't have to be the top player in order to apply as long as you are welling to listen and learn. With practice you will have better knowledge of your class and your skill will improve. I my self used to be a terrible healer below average and would rank at the very bottom of the healing meter. With persistence, hard work and constant practice this has improved drastically, nowadays I managed to get to the top of the healing meter quite a number of times. So everyone is capable of improving so long he/she is welling to persevere

Loot Distribution System

What loot system do you use for loot distribution?
For small scale contents such as 5-party dungeons we use the normal greed-need rolling, while for raiding contents we employ what we call FDKP (Flexible DKP) which is based on DKP (Dragon Kill Points).

Guild Rules/Requirements/Goals

So why the emphasis about good communication skill?
One of the key challenges of maintaining a good guild management is communication between members of the guild including regular members, officers and the guild master. Miscommunication can lead to the following

Misunderstanding between guild members. An interesting example is a guild member goes offline for an extended period of time, he is removed from guild as a result under the assumption that he quit playing while actually he is on a vacation but totally forgot to notify the officers/guild master whether in the form of a whisper, announcement in guild chat, or a post in the guild forum...etc, as a result he lost his membership and chances its too late to take him back because his room in the guild was taken by a another replacement player.

Conflicts: If players tend to miss messages sent to them in the form of whispers, guild chat...etc, because for example they go afk alot, too often ongoing communication between them will become very difficult, resulting in total frustration, feeling of being ignored and inability to interact and socialize with each other at all, consequently playing together (which is the main reason why people join guilds in the first place) may become no longer a viable option leading to people quitting the guild in search for other whose members are more responsive and interactive.

Failure in raids: This is yet another issue, failure in raids owing to poor communication is common. Failure of raid instructor to send a message in time to raid members to do a certain action (such as moving away from a nasty AOE), or raid member not being able to warn the others in time (such as having a nasty AOE dot that neads to be dispelled ASAP) leading to wipes are examples of communication issues.

To minimize these issues we require members that have good communication skills or demonstrate willingness to learn and improve if lacking, suggest they follow these guidelines, and insist that they learn to use communication tools like Teamspeak ,WIM(WoW Instant messenger) along with WoWSrcribe Chat logger without which they won't be permitted to participate in raids nor their application for membership will be accepted in the first place

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